Friday, September 21, 2012

A Birthday Present to Remember?

Oh wow!  We've finally made it to Friday!  We are so glad to have this week behind us.  

Our week started with a quick trip to Lowes Monday evening to buy a new toilet because the old one was days away from falling apart.   Then on Tuesday afternoon Rob made an un-scheduled stop at the dentist to get a chipped bridge fixed.  Wednesday morning, Trisha had to go by the eye doctor due to some sort of infection under an eyelid.  Thursday afternoon, Rob took his mom to her doctor for a scheduled check-up.  All good news there.  Then at 4:30 am Friday morning, the hot water tap for the tub in the bath room broke as Rob finished his shower.  Whew!

Well the new toilet is in.  The hot water tap will be fixed the first of the week.  Trisha's eye is better.  Rob's bridge is as good as new.

The birthday part to all of this is Rob keeps telling Trisha the new toilet is her birthday present.  Trisha's birthday is coming up real soon, and she has her heart set on a new iPhone 5.  

Here's a picture of the old toilet waiting by the side of the street to go to old toilet heaven.  Rob thinks it was installed in the mid 1960's during an extensive renovation of our home.  He says everything which could be replaced on or in it has been several times.

Here is the new, freshly installed birthday toilet.  It is low volume, ADA compliant, and we hope ready to last another 50 or so years.  Behind it you can catch a peek of the awful green tile and green flooring in the bathroom.  This all will go away forever next summer.  We plan on a bathroom/kitchen remodel the Summer of 2013!

Thanks for checking by today.  We really hope the next post is of something more fun!  (Like Trisha's new iPhone!)  Until next time, stay safe out there....-R,T,&J

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