Thursday, July 26, 2012

Something New......

Happy Thursday everyone.  Today finds us in a strange situation.  The truck is at the Ford place getting it's 56,000 mile check-up and service.  The old blue Honda Accord has decided to only start when it wants too.  So this morning we are sharing the CR-V.  Once the truck is back home, old blue will get to visit the Honda place.  

I have always enjoyed the picture collages my cousin Sharon does.  This past week camping, she told me about the web service she uses to do them.  So this morning, with only one working vehicle at home, plus it's already hot, I decided to check it out.    

Here are a couple collages I did for everyone to enjoy......

Thanks for checking by today.  Until next time, stay safe out there....-R,T,&J.


  1. The collages look super. So good in fact, I'm going to snitch them to use in my Stories for tomorrow! Hey ya!

    1. That's awesome. Can't wait to see......