Saturday, March 11, 2017

Waking Up......

Happy Saturday everyone.  It's Pod here with MY first official blog post of 2017.  See I've been snoozing and trying my best to keep warm in my Pod-port since our last camping trip of 2016.  To say it has been a strange winter weather wise would be an understatement, in fact, snow is in the forecast here for tomorrow morning.  UGH!!

Now, while I've been hanging out in my Pod-port, just relaxing and dreaming of camping trips to come, Rob hasn't forgotten me.  Every so often, he comes down to visit me usually with some project, chore, etc., he's taking care of.   

So far this winter, Rob's replaced my battery.  My old battery was giving issues toward the end of last camping season, so it was time for a new one.  This is my third battery!! Wow how time flies.  Now I hear there may be further battery type mods down the road.....

Another upgrade, mod, etc. was the Mr. and Mrs. decided they'd like to have carpet in me once again.   So last weekend, Rob went to a carpet store he has done business with in the past, looked at the remnant section and found the perfect piece for just twenty bucks.  This particular carpet pattern is what is used in a local resort, The Great Wolf Lodge, so it's very heavy duty, and the owner told Rob they'd always have remnants in stock.  

I'm just tickled with how it turned out.  Rob says he could have done a slightly better job of fitting the carpet, but he said it was very difficult to cut.  

Also over the course of the winter, Trisha was given a new sign/cork board which Rob mounted in my entryway.  (Don't I sound grand having an entryway!!)   At the same time, Rob relocated one of my racks and paper towel holder to a more convenient location.  

I'm saving the best mod for last, but it isn't really a mod at all.  Today Rob made my bed with fresh clean linens and even spiffed up my seating area!!

This can mean only one thing.  Yup, you guessed it, there's a camping trip in my very near future.   This coming weekend, we're all making the short trip over to Tanglewood Campground for Cousin Sharon's NC-Dog (that's Dutch Oven Gathering) where Rob has a CDO (that's Camping Dutch Oven) dish already planned out to cook along with something yummy on the GMG!

Well I think that's about it for today.  I'm sure someone will be blogging about the NC-Dog this coming weekend.  So everyone think good "Springy" thoughts and let's go camping!!  So for all the gang.....

Until next time, stay safe out there......-Pod


  1. Woohoo Pod….I cannot wait to see you next weekend! Your carpet looks marvelous. Coincidentally, I wrote a Story this week about MY carpet. Have a good week, cross your fingers it doesn't snow tomorrow, and I will see you on Friday!! Your Cousin Splash

  2. All this fussing makes for good camping on the horizon!