Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Our Newest Team Member.....

Happy Tuesday evening all.  It's Pod blogging this evening and I have some great news for you.  We've got a new member for Team R&T.  Our newest member goes by the name of "Yammie." Yammie is a Yamaha EF2400iSHC Inverter Generator.  

Yammie was brought onto our team for several reasons.  One being to open up the world of off-grid camping in the upper mountains during the summer.  Another was simply as back up power source for either the house or me during a winter storm or extended power outage.  Rob already has a large back-up generator which works great, but he says it's big, heavy, noisy, and thirsty too!

Rob has been researching camping generators for well over a year.  He told me he's looked at all different brands, sizes, price points, and reviews.  In the end, his choice came down to reputation, power output, fuel consumption, future needs, and the ability to find the best price with a 24 months same as cash financing rate.  

Today, Mr. Fedex delivered Yammie not only to the front door, but he sat Yammie inside the front door for Rob's mom.  Rob loaded Yammie onto Levi and drove Yammie around to the back for unpacking and testing.

Yammie came with proper documentation, which Rob read, and a few tools, and even a 12volt DC charging cable.

Before long, Yammie was unpacked, filled with the correct oil, and was ready for the first crank.  

Rob said Yammie even comes with a removable fuel filter to help keep any trash out of the fuel tank.  

The moment of truth was at hand.  Rob flipped the "on" switch, pulled out the choke lever, and pulled the starter rope.  I'm happy to report that Yammie cranked and ran on the very first pull out of the box!!

After letting Yammie run a good ten minutes to warm up and settle into a good run state, Rob connected his small ceramic heater.

Which of course was no problem at all for Yammie to handle.  Rob had even downloaded a decibel meter app on his phone and took a few readings from about four feet away.  Now he admits these are most likely not all that accurate, but they can give some idea of Yammie's noise output.

First is a reading of just the normal ambient noise of the area.....

Next is Yammie at idle, with no load.....

Finally is Yammie with the ceramic heater running on high (Rob estimates this to be 50-60% load).....

It's been fun welcoming our newest team member, and while Yammie won't go on every trip with us, I'm sure Yammie will be making a few very special camping trips with us in the future.

As always, thanks for checking by today.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod and Yammie!!

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