Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Day With The Famous Tink.....

Happy Saturday morning from a damp, drizzly, and very foggy BRR here in the North Carolina mountains.  It's Pod and I'm back with today's blog.  I also need to tell you that parts of today's blog were told to me by Levi, but he didn't much want to try his hand at blogging just yet.

At any rate, the day started off with breakfast with me.  Rob fried up square sausage, and Tink (the official mayor of all things r-Pod) supplied the batter, and waffle maker for breakfast.

Being as how she is the mayor and all, Tink gets to eat first....

Square sausage cooking in a round frying pan....

Everyone finally enjoying breakfast, you see, there was
only one waffle iron, so Rob was only able to cook one 
waffle at a time....

About eleven or so, Tink, Sue, Trisha, Mark, and Rob 
all loaded up in Levi to head out for the day.
The destination was Mt. Pisgah campground on the
Blue Ridge Parkway.  Furpod and I are planning on 
doing some off-grid camping next summer, and this was a 
scouting trip.  I got to tell you, we liked what we saw.

As you can see it was an extremely foggy (cloudy) day 
up on the Parkway, but Levi told me everyone had
a grand old time anyways.

Levi then told me about this awesome drove down NC 151
on the way to take the group to Asheville for lunch.

Rob stopped to take a picture of a waterfall, and realized
the better picture was looking the other way!

Lunch was at the Mellow Mushroom in downtown
Asheville.  Afterwards, Tink walked back to sit with Levi,
and the rest of the gang walked the couple blocks to 
Mast General Store.  I was told several things 
were purchased there.

Among the purchases, were of course, several neat stickers.  
I was told that Sue gave Mark some grief as to why
more stickers, like that's even a question
that needs to be asked.....

Levi brought them all safely back to the campsite around 4 p.m.  Then it was dog walking, napping, lounging, and just generally enjoying a quiet afternoon time for all my peoples.

Needless, to say, none of them attended the T@B potluck supper, but that was just fine.  We know the T@BBer's put on quite a spread, but Rob says with the limited time we have here, we wanted to spend it sightseeing and visiting with friends.

Finally, about seven or so, the gang gathered back under my dome for some tasty snacks and more visiting for the evening
courtesy of Madame Mayor (Tink).

And of course, I'm glad to report, Tink fixed her plate first.....

Well that's about it for the Friday fun.  You'll have to check back later to find out about our Saturday here in the mountains.

Until next time, stay safe out there......-Pod (with help from Levi)


  1. What a great day with some very special friends!

  2. Not why more stickers, but where are they going to be stuck! LOL!

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