Saturday, April 23, 2016

Where You Are is Where You're At......

Happy Saturday evening everyone.  It's been a great day up here in the high country of North Carolina.  As most of you have already figured out, we're camping at Raccoon Holler Campground, in Glendale Springs, NC.

Our day has included cooking breakfast, driving in to West Jefferson to get our t-shirt and sticker fix, a quick trip by Lowes, lunch at Freebornes, a ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway, an afternoon nap, sitting by a real campfire, cooking country ribs in the CDO for supper, more BRP riding, seeing deer, turkey, and who knows what else, and finally, settling in for a quiet evening in Pod.  

As for the title to our blog, "Where You Are is Where You're At" came about during our evening drive.  We discussed our parents, how looking after them consumes a lot of our time and energy, also Trisha talked about her mom's battle with cancer and what the past six months have been like for her since her mom's passing.  We even talked about spots where we wanted our ashes spread when that day comes to pass too.  

So we realized as we rode along, that indeed, where we are right now, is where we happen to be for just this moment.  Tomorrow we'll be somewhere else with all of it's good and not so good moments.  So we'll just enjoy the good, endure the less good, and take lots and lots of pictures along the way. 

And speaking of pictures, here's a few for you to enjoy this evening.....

Thanks for checking by today.  We've had a great Saturday camping, and he hope each of you found yourself doing something equally enjoyable on this day.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.