Saturday, September 5, 2015

Welcoming Levi.....

Happy Saturday afternoon and Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone.  It is Pod here today doing the blogging.  I've got big news for everyone, so pull up your chair and sit a spell as they say in our part of the country.

We're all camping at Honey Bear Campground in Boone, NC., home of Appalachian State University.  Today along with the normal weekend crowds, happens to be a home football game for ASU, so the whole town is hopping. 

We all arrived here about 6:30 last evening, and by 7:30, Jackson and I were hanging out while R&T were off to the Mellow Mushroom to eat dinner.  

But the big news for today is I want to officially welcome our newest member of the Team, Levi, our Truck.  If you will go back one blog post, you can read all about R&T trading Truck in on a new TRUCK.  After the drive up here yesterday, Levi told me he'd like a "real" name.  He said in honor of Truck, he didn't want to go by the Truck name, or some version of it.  So after a team meeting this morning, Levi was officially named.  

Levi gets his name from his color, "Blue Jeans Metallic."  Plus, where Truck worked very quietly, Levi hums a deep bass rumble note when he's pulling us all down the highway.  It really makes me feel good to know Levi is happy to be with our Team.  

And true to form, the mods on Levi have already started.  They include or will include soon; a Ford bed liner, an in-bed tool box, a flush fitting folding metal bed cover, custom fit rubber floor mats, and vent shades for Levi's four doors.  

I think Rob is even researching custom seat covers for Levi too, while Trisha is already eyeing Levi's large backseat for napping on long trips.  

For all of the gear heads out there (you know who you are), Levi is equipped with the 5.0 liter V-8, six speed automatic, XLT package, 36 gallon fuel tank, way cool touch screen interface, integrated brake controller, 4-wheel drive, towing package, power everything, and bunches of other stuff.  Levi also has a 3:31 rear end gear ratio, giving him a 9,000 pounds tow rating.  

Rob says Levi is already on a first name basis with his iPhone.  In fact, Rob even had a phone call on the drive up Friday, and it was just like he was having a conversation with Levi.

So to fill you in on today.  After sleeping in a bit cause they were all tired, R&T had a butter and jelly biscuit breakfast.  Then they made a quick trip to Wal-Mart.  Next was a trip over to Mast General Store in Valle Crucis, NC where Trisha scored several nice stickers.  Then back to the campground, where they stopped by the campground's coffee shop.  The rest of the afternoon was spent being lazy.  

R&T plan on grilling burgers later and just continuing their lazy afternoon with an equally lazy evening.  The day did dawn grey and overcast, but it has become a beautifully clear, sunny afternoon.  

Here are a few more pictures of their day......

Thanks for checking by today and helping me to welcome Levi to the team.  As always, drop back by tomorrow to see what fun we all got into.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod

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  1. Beautiful Levi! A perfect name! Welcome to the family. . .