Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Report From the "Sunglasses at Night Un-Rally".....

Happy Wednesday evening from the now official "Sunglasses at Night Un-Rally."  There are five camping units here having a blast.  Two pods (furpod and R&T's-Pod), the Quilted Trout (a beautiful Class C Sunseeker), the SurvPod (a Surveyor), and to round out the bunch a ginormous fifth wheel belonging to someone named Tink.

The name of the rally comes from the fact that there is an amazingly bright street light placed right between the two pods, lighting up the entire area.

Rob was out this morning snapping a few photos of our little group.

Today after a breakfast of square sausage, scrambled eggs, and whop biscuits, and figuring out a plan for the day, the ladies, (Sue, Tink, Meli, and Trisha) took off in one direction, and then then Mark and Rob took off in another.  

Stops included the Lodge Cast Iron Outlet, The Knife Store, The Coleman Outlet store, and a lunch stop for both groups.  

While the shopping was fun, it was the group supper that was even better.  Once again we all met in Tink's Pod for a lasagna fixed in Rob's CDO,  Tink made awesome biscuits, Meli fixed a wonderful salad and Sue kicked in Scotch-er-roos.  We had a great time eating, relaxing, and chatting.

After dinner we did what we do best, hang out, talk about trips past, present, and future, not to mention any and every other subject we could think of.  

Next thing we knew, the street light had come on and everyone had drifted away for an early bedtime.  Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what all we got into. 

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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