Saturday, May 9, 2015

Power to the Pod.....

Happy Saturday everyone.  It's Pod here today, and I'm excited to be making today's blog post.  It's all about an upgrade to my Pod-Port that got installed today.

As all of my readers know, I have my very own Pod-Port to hang out in between trips and during those couple winter months when the weather is just too yucky to camp.  

I'm lucky that years ago, Rob's dad ran an underground power line to the back of the property for a future shop.  Year's later, there is a shop, but not anywhere close to the power line.  But, this power line is just perfect for my needs.  When the power line was installed, Rob's dad installed a lamp post at the end of the power line.

Fast forward nearly 40 years, and this was the point for my power outlet.  The lamp part of the post has been disconnected, and in fact, is nearly covered by dogwoods and azaleas.  Rob has been wanting to put in my very own campground style power pedestal for quite sometime now, and has been collecting all the parts to perform this install.  

He started with setting a post for the new power pedestal.  He used a treated 4x4 as a post.  

Next after setting the post, Rob had to dig a trench to run the underground power cable.  He said this was the worst part of this job due to the all the roots in the ground he had to cut through.

The next step was to mount my new power box on the post.  Rob used plastic conduit to over the wire from the power box to the ground.

Here's a closer picture of the box with the power cable waiting to be connected.

The old lamppost was still very solid, so Rob used it to make the tie in from the new cable to the existing cable.  This locates the splice above ground, so it will have much less chance of failure due the the elements. 

And finally you can see the new power box all wired and ready to used.

Rob even searched online and found my very own "Camp Host" sign to decorate my new power post.  

After Rob finished this job, he even gave me a bath.  I sure was dirty after all this pollen yuck and my trip to the BRR last week.   Yes, I'm a lucky Pod for sure.  

Well I best be finished this up for now.  Thanks for checking by today.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod.


  1. Love the "camp host" sign.. :)


  2. Sweet set up! Camp Host sign is the best!

  3. If the Pod ain't happy, nobody's happy. Nice job Rob.