Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow, Snow, Go Away, R&T's-Pod Want's to Play......

Well OK, not play but more specifically go camping!!  Hiya folks, Pod here today taking over the blogging duties on this cold sunny Sunday morning.  

I know Rob posted a picture of me the other day all cold and huddled up in the snow, well I have a new picture of me I just had to share with you.

See, Cousin Sharon (mom to Splash and Cup), has this new app, I'm not sure what an app is exactly, but this one just rocks.  She found her favorite picture of me, and with the aid of this rocking app, turned me into an awesome watercolor painting.

You'v just got to check this out.....

Isn't this just awesome!! I just love it.  

Anyways, Cousins Sharon and Becky are off to sunny Florida tomorrow on another big adventure.  Be sure to check her Postcards blog, for daily updates of their trip!!

Until next time, stay safe out there....-Pod!

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