Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Sign To Plan Ahead.....

Happy Tuesday everyone.  Yesterday was a school holiday for us here in North Carolina.  Trisha spent the day at the hospital with her mom Anne, who had to get another chemo treatment.  Rob spend the morning at the Endodontist, having a twenty year old root canal retreated.  Such fun.  NOT!!

Today and tomorrow are teacher workdays for us (semester break.)  Trisha opted to work, Rob opted not to.  So this morning after taking Trisha to breakfast, Rob struck out to Statesville to a couple of places (one of which was Camping World) he wanted to go.  

At one of the stores, as he was leaving he spied this sign.  Yes a sign, and we know Rob loves signs.  This sign was only $2.00, and it made Rob think about camping fun.  Specifically, Blue Ridge Rally Camping Fun.  Here's a picture of that wonderful sign......

You see, for any of you who've never been to a Blue Ridge Rally, Cornhole has become a tradition.  Heck at most any of Cousin Sharon's camping "to-do's" you will find a game of Cornhole going on.  So Rob just had to have this sign!!

Oh and by the way, in other unrelated to camping at all bit of news, as of last Thursday we have a bright shiny new 3-ton A/C and furnace installed here at our house.  Double UGH!!  

Hang in there everyone, camping season is just around the corner.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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