Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day......

Wow!  What a beautiful weekend here in North Carolina.  We are still camping (leaving in the morning to go home) at The Heritage Campground.  

Since it is Veteran's Day today, I wanted to post (and in one case re-post) the pictures of two Veteran's who mean the most to me this Veteran's Day.   The first is my dad, and the second is my brother.  

Thanks for your service to our country!!

We didn't have a busy day today, but that was on purpose.  Rob fixed sausage, cheese omelets, and "WHOP" biscuits.  (You know, you whop them up against counter to open them!)  After eating, cleaning-up and getting ready, we were off to Raven Rock State Park.  We didn't do any major hiking, but we did tour the visitor center, take a few photos, and give Jackson a good long walk.  

On the way back home we stopped in the very small town of Vass, NC.  We were going to pick up a few things at "The Pig,"  or Piggly Wiggly for those of you not in the know.  Believe it or not, this particular Pig isn't open on Sundays.  So a quick stop at Family Dollar, followed by a fuel stop, and we were on our way back to the campground for a lazy afternoon.  

Thanks for checking in today, we heading back home in the morning.  Until next time, stay safe out there....-R,T,&J.

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