Monday, August 6, 2012

Big Things Happening in Our Small Town......

Welcome to Landis!  This is our hometown.  It is one of those small, southern, former textile mill-towns that you can only pretty much read about these days.  But that's not to say nothing much is going on in Landis these days.

Landis is also one of those small towns where the railroad tracks run right through the center of town, along side main street.  We live on main street, so yup, we live across the street from the train tracks.  These aren't just any old railroad tracks either.  They happen to be the main-line rail for Norfolk-Southern between Atlanta and Richmond, so they are busy night and day with freight and passenger service.  Oh joy!

So the big happening is about our train depot.  It as stood in the same spot where it was built for over 100 years.  But it won't be much longer.  See, the Town of Landis, with assistance from Norfolk-Southern is moving the Depot across the tracks to form a new park.  Also, Norfolk-Southern is planning to add a second track to this part of their line. The old Post Office and Jail were moved last week.  The plan is to move the Depot this week. Rob scooted up-town this afternoon to snap a few photos of the prep-work, and while there ran into his first boss from his first real job at the mill.  He was there to take pictures also, so we stood and talked for awhile.   

Rob will be taking more pictures of the move if he catches it in progress, and also of the final location of the depot.  

Rob says it will sure seem strange for the depot not to be where it's been his entire life!  Check back again soon for a few more pictures.  Until then, stay safe out there...-R,T,&J.

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